Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Reading

Every summer I get excited about upcoming books.  Since class is out, I can devote hours a day to reading, my true passion in life.  At this moment, I already have a list of books and series compiled that I am very excited to delve into.  First, Charlaine Harris' 10th Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead in the Family, came out May 4th.  Traditionally, I read the entire series over again and then run to the bookstore the day of to purchase the next.  However, the last book left me pretty disappointed and wanting more, so I stopped my compulsive buying urge to check out some reviews first.  They weren't as good as I liked, I'm willing to wait for the paperback to come out.  Though, from the reviews, it seems that this book is leading into something more exciting in the next.  It doesn't matter, I love Sookie and will continue to love the characters that Harris created.

James Patterson's 10th Anniversary is also out now.  With Lindsay getting married I am super excited to see how everything goes.  The last few chapters in the last book had me skipping to the end to make sure everything was going to be alright, it was tough to read but everything turned out okay.  I also recently read the first of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, which are a little young for my taste, but still interesting  It was a great easy read and I'll probably look into the rest of the books for the summer.

The two books I am most excited about are Amanda Hocking's Virtue and Lauren Kate's Passion. The latter is the third book in a series about falling angels and love.  I picked the first book, Fallen, out of the shelf because I loved the cover art.  I also bought a copy for my niece and we both fell in love with the story.  We are waiting eagerly for this next book to be out, June 14th cannot come quick enough.  Virtue should be out right now, as soon as I'm done with this blog I'm going to try to download it from my Nook.  I found Amanda Hocking's books accidentally while browsing and fell in love with her stories.  The Trylle Trilogy and My Blood Approves were exactly what I needed in a stressful moment in my life, I read all of them within four days.  I have read the preview for Virtue and I hope I sleep tonight instead of staying up and reading the whole thing.  I love Hocking's back story and it is truly motivational, wish her the best in all future endeavors and I will definitely be looking for more of her work. 

I figure this list should get me through a week or two.

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