Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Book Giveaway

February Giveaway

February 5th 2012-February 26, 2012

For my first attempt at giveaways I will be giving away two books, both by Nora Roberts.  The winner will recieve BOTH books. 
I recently started reading this author, but she has written so many books that I'm not even sure where to start along the long list of options.  These were the first two I picked from the shelf.  Both of these have a romantic element perfect for Valentine's day, but I like the Fire and Ice element of the two books -- something poetic in that.   

Northern Lights
by Nora Roberts
Published September 5th, 2005

The colorful, compelling novel about two lonely souls who find love-and redemption-in Lunacy, Alaska.

Chasing Fire
by Nora Roberts
Published April 12th 2011

But there's also little else as thrilling - at least to Rowan Tripp. The Missoula smoke jumpers are one of the most exclusive fire-fighting squads in the nation, and the job is in Rowan's blood: her father is a legend in the field. She's been fighting fires since her eighteenth birthday. At this point, returning to the wilds of Montana for the season feels like coming home - even with reminders of the partner she lost last season still lingering in the air.

Fortunately, this year's rookie crop is among the strongest ever - and Gulliver Curry's one of the best. He's also a walking contradiction, a hotshot firefighter with a big vocabulary and a winter job at a kid's arcade. He came to Missoula to follow in the footsteps of Lucas "Iron Man" Tripp, yet he's instantly more fascinated by his hero's daughter. Rowan, as a rule, doesn't hook up with other smoke jumpers, but Gull is convinced he can change her mind. And damn if he doesn't make a good case to be an exception to the rule.

Everything is thrown off balance, though, when a dark presence lashes out against Rowan, looking to blame someone for last year's tragedy. Rowan knows she can't complicate things with Gull - any distractions in the air or on the ground could be lethal. But if she doesn't find someone she can lean on when the heat gets intense, her life may go down in flames.


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2. Leave a comment and your e-mail address on the post if you're interested in the book.  No comments will be accepted after the last day of the giveaway. 

3. Winners will be chosen randomly by me. No partiality is allowed, but I do have the final say.

4. Winner will be announced and e-mailed the day after giveaway closing. The winner should recieve the book(s) within one week.


  1. Thanks for having a giveaway! I've never read anything by Nora Roberts but I'd love to give her a try. I really like the fire and Ice theme you have with the two books. As a side note, Fire and Ice by Robert Frost is one of my favorite poems. I memorized and recited it for a creative writing class once.

    My email address is

    1. I love that poem too! It's exactly what I thought about when I saw the covers together, I'm glad you made the connection!

  2. thnks for this giveaway! Great choise Nora Roberts.

    "Some say the world will end in fire"
    I agree with that!
    One the greatest poems!!

    One question: Is this international!???
    My email:

    1. You know what, this is my first giveaway and I didn't think about that... so sure why not? If it doesn't work out I'll change it for the next one, but for now this giveaway will be international. Thanks for asking!

    2. Great! I'm glad I asked! I'm not from US! so I always ask!
      Thnks for the giveaway :)

  3. Nora is an awesome writer! Ive read most of her books! (except these lol)

  4. Amazing! Would love to read Nora's books at this time of the year:) With all this snow, a good romance in hand is essential... :)

    Thank you for this giveaway, Diana

  5. Hi Eve, I found your site on goodreads. I'm new to blogging world as well and I think a giveaway is a great idea. I've never read any Nora Roberts :)

    My email is

    Wolf Majick Reviews

  6. Such wonderful books =) Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!!