Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Reading List

April Reading List: Angels and Demons

Okay I have a problem focusing on books, or better said, trying to decide which ones to read.  I've developed system after system, but nothing ever seems right.  So, I've decided for this month to coincide my reading with a Goodreads Group, Never to Old For YA.  It seemed the simplest solution... and I was already kinda on track.  For April they have decided to read about two topics: Angels and Demons.   They have done all the work and I just picked some up from my library. 

So here's the list...
1. City of Glass
2. City of Fallen Angels
3. The Space Between
4. Hex Hall
5. Demonglass
6. Spellbound
7. Fallling Under
8. Forsaken Series
9. A Touch Mortal
10. Daughter of Smoke and Bones
11. Embrace
12. Illuminate
13. A Beautiful Dark
14. Forbidden

Other books not in this genre:
1. True Love and Other Lies
2. My Summer of Southern Discomfort

This seems like my best solution.  One, it helps me stay organized.  Two, it keeps me actively participating in a reading group. Three, these books are already on my TBR, DBA, and BBR list so I get to complete my challenges at the same time.  If this works, I think I have found a new system for my reading selection. 

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