Friday, January 20, 2012

Ramblings: Why I LOVE My Husband

Why I LOVE My Husband

For anyone who knows me, really knows me, they know that I am slightly over-emotional and eccentric (more than slightly, I lied).  The universe, knowing that, created the perfect mixture of a person to deal with my personality quirks.  This person, is my husband.  He has the perfect combination of passive aggressive calmness and humor to get through the many days ahead of us and my strange, moody, absentmindedness. I have created a list of the top reasons why I love my husband.

I might add to this list as I remember things or as new ones develop, but here is what pops to mind for now: 
  1. When I'm frantically looking for my keys because I've lost them yet again, he knows to look in places like the freezer.  More importantly, he doesn't ask questions as to why they would be there.
  2. We're food soul mates.  We crave the same horrible food at the same time, which makes pacifying those cravings so much easier -- I don't have to argue my point.
  3. He knows that I like barbecue sauce from McDonalds and sweet & sour from Burger King, that's it. There is no compromise, its the right sauce from the right place, or else.
  4. When I scream and start crying because I swear the spider in the corner is planning to kill me he scoops it up and throws it outside.   One, he gets rid of my attempted murderer. Two, he knows if he squished it I'd feel sad about it later.
  5. He continues to tell me about his weird fears, even though he knows I'll use it against him later.  Like his fear of dead hair -- hair not attached to a head (drain hair, brush hair, cut hair).  When I cut my hair to donate, I found a great deal of humor chasing him around stores and our home with my ten-inch locks before sending them away. 
  6. He reminds me to eat when I find a really good book and don't move from the couch for hours on end. 
  7. He knows to check all the outlets to look for anything that I might have used throughout the day.  Preventing fires from curling irons, flat irons, and coffee pots.
  8. Instead of telling me I look pretty when we're going out, he stands next to me and says, "Man I make people look good."  I know I succeeded at that point. 
  9. He knows if I go out with my BFF, Meghann, to keep the phone on because we might need assistance out of any shenanigans we've gotten into.  He also stocks the house with Vitamin Water, Campbell's Soup, and Aleve.
  10. He doesn't get mad when I turn off movies because I know the ending is sad.  If I shut it off at a certain point everyone lives happily ever after and I don't have to spend the next two days crying because they had to put Marley to sleep.
  11. Never once have I pretended to be someone else.  From the moment I met him (and called him an a-hole because he offended me) he loved me for me.  I didn't pretend to be demure, sweet, and ladylike.  I was just me and it was enough.   

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